Community Based Medical Journal (CBMJ)

2014-July, Volume: 03, Number:02, ISSN: 2226-9290
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1 Child giving birth to child
Khan Kk1
2 Electroencephalographic (EEG) correlation of clinical Seizure among Bangladeshi Patients
Chowdhury AH1, Chowdhury RN2, Khan SU3, Ghose SK4, Wazib A5, Alam I6, Hasan ATMH7, Shaha K8, Haque B9 & Habib M10.
3 Histopathological Evaluation of Non-Tumorous Area of Thyroid Gland In Thyroid Malignancy
Jahan S1, Kamal M2, Huq MH3, Rahman MM4 & Islam S5
4 Prevalence and Risk Factors of Microalbuminuria in Nondiabetic Hypertensive Patients
Haque A1, Hasan MJ3, Raja MA3 & Islam A4
5 Comparison of Doppler waveform and mean velocity of hepatic vein in cirrhotic patients with healthy subjects and their correlation with severity of cirrhosis
Islam M1, Ahmed AU2 & Mohiuddin AS3
6 Magnitude of Deaths due to Organophosphorus Compounds Poisoning in Bangladesh-A Study at Dhaka Medical College
Akber EB1, Forhad AJ2, Chowdhury MH3, Anam AMA4 & Jahan l5
7 Incidence and Prevention of Childhood Dental Caries-a review
Ali MY1, Hossen M2 & Akter K3
8 A 7 years old girl with abdominal lump and per-vaginal bleeding-A rare presentation of Hypothyroidism
Roy N1, Nahar K2, Begum B3, Beg A4, Dhar S5, Sarker U6, Akter F7, Roy J8 & Chakrabarty R9
9 Gaucher's Disease-A case report
Quddush ASMR1, Kamruzzaman M2, Badruzzaman M3, Haque MH4, Ansari NP5, Sattar S6, Parvin S7 & Sultana F8
10 Information for Authors
Prof.Dr.Md. Aminul Islam