Community Based Medical Journal (CBMJ)

2016-January, Volume-05, Number-01, ISSN-2226-9290
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1 Delay in Ageing Process
Islam MA1
2 Socio-demographic Characteristics and Behavioural Risk Factors in Selected Tribal Community in Bangladesh
Farah S1, Karim M2, Sultana M3, Mahmud AA4, Tahera S5
3 Prevalence of Seasonal Variation of Haemorrhagic stroke more in winter than summer and its common risk factors.
Ahmed S1, Islam Ma2, Bari A3, Hasan MJ4, Pathan AS5, Rubel MM6, Sarker CN7
4 Study of Mean Diameter of Middle Cerebellar Peduncle in Bangladeshi Cadaver.
Haque AQMA1, Khalil M2, Sultana SZ3, Mamun S4, Rahman MM5, Hossain M6, Ara A7, Begum T8, Choudhury A9, Haque N10.
5 Maternal Outcome in Ruptured Uterus: A Review of 72 Cases
Roy N1, Nahar K2, Sarker U3, Akter F4, Beg A5, Khan A6, Roy J7, Chakrabarty R8.
6 Surgical and Clinical Outcome of Bipolar Hemiarthroplasty Over Unipolar Hemiarthroplasty in Case of Fracture Neck of Femur in Elderly-Done in CBMCH,B and Private Clinics
Chowdhury MR1, Uddin MN2, Haque MA3, Islam MS4, Hasan MS5, Mumu SA6
7 Deep Vein Thrombosis Secondary To Graves' Disease-A Case Report.
Islam MA1, Beg A2, Ahmed MS3, Chowdhury S4, Haque MM5
8 Antenatally Diagnosed Posterior Urethral Valve: A Case Report.
Islam MA1, Rahman M2, Dey SN3, Sharma Nk4, Farzana MN5
9 Placenta Percreta in First Trimester Pregnancy: A Case Report and Review of Literature.
Chowdhury F1, Ferdousi S2, Beg A3, Islam MA4
10 An Overview Of Ebola Virus Disease.
Haque N1, Shafikul Bari MS2, Hossain MA3, Haque S4, Yasmin T5, Kabir MR6, Ahmed R7, Rahman SMM8
11 Information For Authors
12 Neurological Manifestations in Falciparum Malaria: A Study in Tribal Community of Hill Tracts
Islam AT1, Sultana S2, Rahman M3, Hoque MA4