College Profile

College Profile


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1. Year of  establishment :

        Established as an academic enterprise of Community Health Foundation Bangladesh in 1995.

2.     Location :

        At Winnerpar on a panoramic 13 Acres land 10 km from Mymenshingh town towards Dhaka on the east side of 

        Mymensingh-Dhaka highway.

3.     Address of correspondence :

        Community Based Medical College Bangladesh, Winnerpar, P.O: Churkhai,

        Dist. Mymensingh-2200.

        Mobile No : 01711-523615 (Executive President)

                            01711-480233 (Principal)

        Fax : 0124556

        E-mail : [email protected] (Principal)

                    [email protected] (Executive President)

                    [email protected](Web Editor-CBMJ)

       Website :

4.     Communication :

        By road from Dhaka and Mymensingh town by easily available public transport.

5.     Course and Curriculum :

        The five-year MBBS course under the Faculty of Medicine of the Dhaka University is followed as per 

        curriculum as approved by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council which also includes one-year compulsory 

        internship in attached hospital.

6.     Academic Year : July-June.

7.     Academic milestones :

        (a)    College is recognized by Bangladesh College of Physicians & Surgeons (BCPS) for training of the 

                doctors in the departments of  Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics-Gynecology and Dermatology & VD.  

        (b)    WHO have endorsed the inclusion of Community Based Medical College Bangladesh in the World 

                Directory of Medical Schools.

        (c)    Community Based Medical College Bangladesh is an affiliated member of an international organization 

                named "NETWORK : Towards Unity For Health (TUFH)" based at Maastrict, netherlands.


        (d)    Community Based Medical College Bangladesh is duly recognized by Bangladesh Medical & Dental 

                 Council, Government of  Bangladesh and affiliated with the Dhaka University since its


8.     College Administration :

        (a)    The sponsors of the College, namely Community Health Foundation Bangladesh is responsible for 

                 providing financial support/resources, appointment of teachers and personnel and overall administrative 

                 control of the college and attached hospital.

        (b)    The academic programmes and activities are administered are administered by the Principal of the college.

                 Besides, an Academic Staff Council  headed by the Principal are endowed with the overall responsibility

                 for planning, developing, programming, implementing, evaluating and amending all academic activities of the


        (c)    A Governing Body, comprising representatives from the Dhaka University, comprising representatives from the

                Dhaka University, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Bangladesh, teachers of Community

                Based Medical College Bangladesh, guardians of admitted students and sponsors of the college (Community

                Health Foundation Bangladesh) is responsible for overseeing the academic standard, implementation of programmes

                of academic development, and evaluation of academic achievements.

9.     Extra-academic Non-political activities of students :

        A Student Welfare committee with teachers as advisers supervise such activities as cultural functions, annual drama, 

        games & sports, annual Milad etc.

10.    Teaching Hospital and Field Practice :

        (a)    A hospital with provision for 500 beds within the campus is available for clinical practice and learning of students

                from the third academic year. Besides, each student shall be assigned academic responsibility of health education

                and healthcare for more than one/several village based families. Under this community based medical education 

                programme within the academic catchments area the village shall represent as community wards and families

                as community beds for instructional purpose.

        (b)   Training at Satellite Clinics of Community Health Foundation Bangladesh :         

                Students and internees are required to spend specified time as per curricular needs at satellite clinics in outreach

                areas to gain practical academic experience at community level.

11.    Hostel Accommodation :

         Students will be required to stay in the hostels on payment of  prescribed dues.

12.    Library facilities :

         Students are allowed to use Library facilities as per Library rules.

13.    Common Room :

         Separate common room facilities for male and female students are available.

14.    Teachers-Students Forum :

         At the beginning of each session a teachers-students forum shall be formed by the Academic Council. This forum shall

         meet at least once in every 3 months to discuss academic affairs.